Holding the Iowa Senate

Hope some Democrats will step up to run in these districts, especially against first-term Republican Dennis Guth in Senate district 4. He didn’t win by a huge margin in 2012. If Donald Trump at the top of the ticket causes a meltdown, Democrats could win some unexpected Iowa House and Senate races–but only where a candidate is on the ballot. -promoted by desmoinesdem

The general election is coming up in November. But before we get carried away with the 2016 presidential race, we need to examine our state politics. On March 18, a press release by Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pates noted that 7 of the 25 Iowa Senate races in the June primary have no Democratic candidate. Among these races is Iowa Senate District 4, made up of Emmet, Hancock, Kossuth, Winnebago, and Wright counties.

Iowans can do better than their current representation. We need state senators who understand why bacterial meningitis and secondhand smoke pose greater health risks to Iowa youth than the “homosexual lifestyle.” We need state senators that can evaluate evidence in order to make legislative decisions for the good of the state. 

What would happen if the Democrats lose the Senate? We need only to look at similar scenarios Wisconsin and Kansas to understand how that could play out.

Unopposed, Republicans would be free to slash taxes, and Iowa would discover that supply-side economics creates a massive budget deficit. To address the manufactured budget shortfall, multiple steps could be taken. Following Wisconsin’s example, Iowa’s teachers could be stripped of their collective bargaining rights. Like Kansas, Iowa school districts may have to end the academic year early. Funding for higher education would be cut even though institutions such as the University of Iowa generate $16 in economic impact for every $1 in state funding.

Let me be clear – unchecked Republican control of the Iowa Legislature would be a disaster for public education.

The Iowa Democrats narrowly kept control of the Senate in 2014, and it is even more urgent now that we continue to hold on. Even though the candidate filing period closed on March 18, it isn’t too late to end up on the ballot! Candidates can still be nominated by their party at special nominating conventions held after the June primary. If you are willing to fight for education in Iowa, contact your local party official or email the Iowa Democratic Party at info@iowademocrats.org. The future of education in Iowa is at stake. 

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  • Pipedream...

    Too bad the life style of a middle class family doesn’t support running for a public office. There is not job that would give the time off needed while in session which is why these roles go unopposed. I’m certain many other readers of your blog look at this and the post for house seats with the pipe dream but no way to make it work and still support a family.

    I certainly hope that these calls to arms are able to reach those who are in a position where it is a possibility. With the presidential race shaping as it has, it stands to be a time for the Democrats to use the momentum or lose it.