Jalapeno Pepper, Hot Sauce and Gasoline Tart

Howard County Democratic Party chair Laura Hubka is ready to fight. Who’s with her? -promoted by desmoinesdem

Does everyone else feel like they are in a dream? Not a nice cream filled donut dream but a jalapeno pepper, hot sauce and gasoline filled tart, a terrifying joke of a dream. One where you feel like you know all the players and the places but something is just off. Totally ridiculous and confusing. Its like we all went to bed after way too much to drink and are having a really bad nightmare. Up is down, down is up.

The EPA is going to be run by a man that is currently (or just recently) sued them.

The Education Department is going to be run by a woman hostile to even the mention of public schools.

The Labor Department is going to be run by a man that thinks we all make too much money and that “Boobs and Burgers” is what life is all about.

“All the generals and all the generals men” are about to get power divine over our “boots on the ground”, the planes in the sky and the boats in the water. They are about to start spending money on the military like we have never seen.

Our tax debt is about to skyrocket. Military contractors are licking their lips and picking out the colors and styles of the interiors of their next yachts and vacation homes. They are starting a few extra overseas accounts just for shits and giggles. “this is their time”

Oh yes, lets not forget the woman at the helm of the Small Business Administration. The former wrestling executive gave $6 million over the summer to the group “Rebuilding America Now” and another $1 million in October to the group “Future 45”. Both spent money primarily on television advertising. Yes, she spent 7 million dollars for that position. Not very small business to me.

This is reminiscent of another presidency, and Warren Harding is “widely remembered as the worst US president in history.”

So what are we supposed to do? Sure as hell not sit back and whine about it. Back during Harding’s presidency the people stood up and fought back.

I am looking and waiting. I am trying to facilitate a movement and an “awakening” if you will. We are going to have a lot of ammunition to fight with–we just cannot let the people be lulled into normalizing this president. He is making it easy now, but I fear he will catch on soon enough. People are going to start “normalizing” Mr. Trump. People are going to get bored and look away. He will continue tweeting and that somehow will become normal. It is sickening. It is sad.

I am not laying down, though I am tired. I am not stopping, though I feel weak. I am not quitting and shutting up. I am standing up, I am starting, I am going! I am bringing troops with me Mr. Trump. We are the people and we will win. We are not afraid of you, Mr. The fight is on and we are IOWA! Let’s roll.

If you want to fight with me, call me, write me, find me.
Laura Hubka
3091 75th St
Riceville, IA 50466
Share that far and wide. I am Iowa, I am America. I am brave and I am smart. They may come for us but they will not get all of us. I plan to build a wall of people and it will be magnificent and it will be the greatest. It will be so “bigly” and you will see. You WILL NOT love it.

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