Letter From Obama Alumni in Support of Derek Eadon for IDP Chair

Thirteen people (named below) signed this statement advocating for Derek Eadon. -promoted by desmoinesdem

Iowa Democratic Party State Central Committee Members,

As alumni of President Obama’s campaigns and grassroots organizations here in Iowa, we ask that you cast your vote for Derek Eadon as the next Chair of the Iowa Democratic Party. Derek was the first organizer President Obama hired in Iowa in 2007 and he has fought tirelessly for Democratic candidates and progressive values his entire career.

Derek has dedicated countless hours to mentor new organizers, train and develop volunteer leaders, and build progressive grassroots organizations across Iowa. He has invested his time and talent, his energy and enthusiasm. There are three things that are immediately clear to the hundreds of staffers that Derek has managed and the thousands of volunteers he has worked with: he has an unmatched work ethic, he has sound judgment as a leader, and he has a relentless desire to help everyone around him get better. Derek has a proven history of building successful teams around a core belief of Respect, Empower, Include. His service for Iowa Democrats and his leadership and vision will make him a great Chair.

In 2009, as the August town halls began to unfold and Democrats across the country were under attack for their support of Obamacare, Derek put together a plan and organized volunteer leaders and teams from across the state to turnout in support, to share their stories and to organize their communities. That plan engaged more Iowans in town hall events than had been seen in decades. In 2010, Iowa returned all Democratic members of Congress despite the tough election cycle for Democrats nationally with Derek as the Director of the Coordinated Campaign.

During the Democratic Caucuses in 2012 Derek was the State Director for President Obama’s re-election campaign and despite running unopposed, Derek knew there was an organizing opportunity to build up the party across the state. Over 25,000 Iowans turned out to the Caucus in 2012 and that jump-started a statewide grassroots organization for the general election.

As the General Election Director for President Obama in Iowa, Derek assembled an impressive team and an aggressive statewide campaign that resulted in voter turnout increases, especially on college campuses, and flipping Woodbury County to vote Democratic in a presidential for the first time since 1996 and only the fourth time since 1964.

In having the chance to work with Derek, it is clear that he has never approached any of these challenges alone and always views challenging circumstances as opportunities to help those around him succeed. The standard of excellence that Derek pushes for is displayed in his genuine interest in those around him and his willingness to mentor and coach all the members of the teams he has been a part of.

Working with Derek has also shown us that he is an assertive advocate for Democratic values. He is not afraid to call out those that would put their interest before those of Iowans, and in seeking the position of chair, we feel strongly that the party would benefit from having that same relentless advocate leading the charge for a more progressive future for Iowa.

Since he first joined the Obama campaign in 2007, Derek is someone that has embodied the Respect, Empower, Include motto of the campaign, which has endeared him to many former staff, volunteers, party leaders, activists and observers of Iowa politics. It is hard sometimes during forums, or by simply looking at resumes to get the full picture of someone, but as Obama Alumni here in Iowa and across the country, it is clear to those of us that have had the opportunity to work alongside him, that he would be an excellent choice for chair.


Bonnie Adkins – Obama Team Leader
Kimberley Boggus – Obama Team Leader
Zack Davis – Obama Staffer
Demaree Donaghu – Obama Staffer
Douglas Dorando – Obama Staffer
Megan Evans – Obama Staffer
Jennifer Herrington – Obama Team Leader
Liz Purchia Gannon – Obama Staffer
Tessa Lengeling – Obama Volunteer
Jordan Oster – Obama Staffer
Trent Schacht – Obama Staffer
Judith Voss – Obama Team Leader
Alex Watters – Obama Staffer

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  • Another Obama staffer for Derek

    We’ve got a lot of great candidates for chair, but Derek is exactly the sort of leader who understands how to win statewide campaigns and he’s the leader we need now.

  • Add another OFA Alum for Derek

    The political and organizing knowledge that Derek possesses along with his calm demeanor and kind personality make him a perfect fit for the rebuild of the statewide party that we face. His track record speaks for itself. As a voter protection alum I know that ground-level organizing, recruitment, and education will be even more important moving forward as Paul Pate and the GOP move to dismantle our clean, transparent election system. Derek’s skill set in all of those categories, in my eye, is unparalleled among the candidates for chair. While there are many wonderful Democrats running for the position, each bringing their own strengths to the table, Derek is uniquely qualified for this position at this moment.