Why I support Amy Klobuchar

Jackie Wellman is a Democratic volunteer in West Des Moines and a board member and Iowa ambassador of the Spastic Paraplegia Foundation. -promoted by Laura Belin

For years I was in denial about having a progressive, rare motor neuron disease, but the fact is that I have Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia.  Senator Amy Klobuchar is the co-sponsor of the rare disease caucus.  When someone is fighting for people like me and my son, they deserve a look. 

The senator was at my house in 2016 while stumping for Hillary Clinton.  I went to see her speak to the Asian Latino Coalition last April, walking away with even more appreciation.

After reading more about her and speaking to her, I decided she was the one I would be working for. Last June, I endorsed after trying to see as many candidates as I could.  Here are the reasons why:

The Rare Disease Caucus.  Not many people fight for the tiny group I belong to.  When Klobuchar spoke about her understanding and compassion for those with disabilities and parents of those with disabilities, I had tears in my eyes.  She gets it.

Common-sense Midwestern values.  While I personally do not care what state the Democratic presidential nominee comes from, many rural Trump voters will.  We need those folks to win.

Many people will not vote for a nominee who is too leftist, but will vote for a more centrist candidate.  She can relate to the center of the country.

Winning in November should be the number one priority. We need many independent voters and moderate Republicans to win. We need to win big to take our country back and save it from being ruined.  Registered Democrats are only a third of voters.  To pick a candidate who will only appeal to only Democrats seems short-sighted to me.  We need to look at the big picture.

All of the Democratic Party wants everyone insured; the candidates just have different ways of getting there.  As I mentioned before, only a third of the electorate are registered Dems.  If we jump on this Medicare for All and shove it down the Republicans’ throats, sort of like was done with the Affordable Care Act, when the Republicans are in charge they will begin dismantling it just like they are doing with the ACA. Medicare for All will not happen in four years.  It just will not.

She knows how to win in conservative areas not just progressive areas.  She has proven that over and over again.

She is progressive yet pragmatic.  She does not say things just to get elected.

In a chart with all presidential candidates outlining how many of their bills got passed per year while in office, Klobuchar leads everyone by a long ways.  She has passed more than a hundred pieces of legislation.  To accomplish that, you must have the ability to work across the aisle.  We need that skill, not the “my way or the highway” attitude.

Jackie Wellman, a member of TeamAmy.

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Photo of Jackie Wellman with Amy Klobuchar provided by the author and published with permission.

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