Our public schools need a fighter like Shannon Henson

Randy Richardson: Shannon Henson’s background and experience make her most ready to lead among the six Democrats running in Iowa House district 36.

For more than a decade, Republican lawmakers in Iowa have consistently underfunded our public schools and chipped away at the rights of our educators. Teachers and support staff have lost most of their collective bargaining rights, and teachers are now under attack for their so-called “sinister agenda."

Public schools are the great equalizer. Ideally, they allow children—regardless of their family’s socioeconomic status, the foundation they need for their future. In Iowa, 485,000 children attend our public schools.

As someone who has spent their entire adult life in education as a teacher and union leader, I know how important it is to elect representatives who will fight to stop these bogus attacks on educators and who will work to restore collective bargaining rights.

That’s why I’m supporting Shannon Henson in the Democratic primary for Iowa House District 36. Shannon’s background and experience make her most ready to lead among the six candidates vying for the nomination. With so much at stake, it is critical that we elect someone who is ready one day one.

Shannon is a lifelong Iowan who graduated from the University of Iowa and went on to get a law degree from Drake University. While at Drake she completed the Legislative Practice Certificate Program, which allowed her to gain firsthand experience at the state capitol as an intern. Shannon has spent most of her legal career fighting corporations on behalf of Iowans, but she also spent two years working at the capitol near the middle of her career.

Shannon believes strong public schools are critical to the future of this state. She understands that our schools have been chronically underfunded and supports paying our teachers a competitive salary so we can attract new teachers and retain our current teachers. She also realizes that a strong public education system will keep young families here and attract new people to our state. When she is elected, one of her main priorities will be working to ensure adequate funding for public schools.

I’ve been lucky enough to spend considerable time with Shannon, and we have discussed in detail many of the issues educators face on a daily basis. She is sincerely interested in hearing from educators. I feel that she is the strongest education candidate in House District 36 and would encourage you to support her in the June 7 primary.

You can learn more about Shannon and her positions by visiting her campaign website.

Top photo of Shannon Henson published with permission.

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Iowa House district 36 covers parts of the west and south sides of Des Moines.

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