Three reasons to replace Kim Reynolds

Sandy Peterson is a Democrat from Grimes.


Iowans know our kids need a strong education to succeed in the future. But Governor Kim Reynolds wants to send more of our tax dollars to private schools, excluding certain children from opportunities by denying their public schools the resources they need.

Democrats want to invest $300 million in Iowa schools, but Corporate Kim Reynolds wants to give it to her wealthy donors and divert public education funds to private schools. We need a leader who will choose kids over corporations and support public schools so that every kid gets the education they deserve.

Gun safety

In 2021, Reynolds signed a law that loosened gun regulations and eliminated permit requirements for handguns. That law allows people to buy handguns from private non-licensed sources such as websites, gun shows and individuals without a permit or background check. Iowans will also be able to carry a gun into public places without prior safety training or a permit.

This year, Reynolds signed a bill allowing Iowa hunters to use semi-automatic weapons including AR-15 rifles to kill deer in additional Iowa counties. These actions could allow AR-15’s and high-capacity magazines to get into the wrong hands. Reynolds has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association and puts the gun lobby before the safety of Iowa children and adults.

Stoking divisions

Iowans understand that no matter what we look like or our zip code, we are part of a community and stronger when we come together for our families and neighbors. Unfortunately, Kim Reynolds uses divisive issues to pull us apart to distract us from the fact that she’s a corporate sellout who keeps prioritizing her wealthy donors over us. Iowans want our leaders to come together and improve our lives.

Thanks to President Joe Biden and Democratic Representative Cindy Axne, Iowa will receive federal funds to help fix our failing roads and bridges, expand broadband and provide clean drinking water. Reynolds opposed the American Rescue Plan but is happy to take credit for the spending programs it makes possible.

Reynolds just doesn’t get it. Iowans want a problem solver, not a governor who only wants to tear us apart.

Top image cropped from a photo published on Kim Reynolds' political Facebook page.

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