Kacey Davis for Broadlawns trustee

Melissa Halverson, DNP ARNP is a Des Moines area nurse practitioner specializing in gastroenterology.

This November, Polk County voters will fill three seats on the Broadlawns Board of Trustees.

When I heard my friend and former colleague Kacey Davis was running for Broadlawns Board of Trustees, I must admit I was a little surprised. After all, she had a toddler, and a demanding job. That seemed to be a lot to handle even without a campaign in the mix.

But I should not have been so surprised. As a family nurse practitioner in community health, Kacey knows firsthand the barriers to finding medical care and mental health services for our most vulnerable residents. Helping to break down those barriers motivates her to serve on the Broadlawns Board of Trustees.

As a practitioner in our community, Kacey went above and beyond to serve her patients who were often in dire circumstances.

An example is a houseless patient with severe foot problems. He needed to see a podiatrist for treatment, but without a phone or an address, it was nearly impossible to coordinate his care. Kacey knew the man frequented a particular bus stop, and she checked the spot regularly to get him his appointment information.

Another time she ran into a patient after hours at a drug store where he was attempting to get his psychiatric meds. The man was also houseless and had no food. Kacey made sure he had something to eat.

Kacey’s experiences have convinced her that the public health care system must meet our most vulnerable citizens where they live and work. As a member of Broadlawns Board, Kacey will always keep the welfare of patients top of mind. For her, it is about equity and access.

Also, as a mother of a young child myself, I think it is vitally important for women of reproductive age to be represented on the Broadlawns Board, and throughout representative government in general.

It is hard for women with young families to put themselves out there as we look to establish the next generation of leadership in our community.

I am so glad my friend Kacey Davis is running, and she has my vote. Look for her name on the back of the ballot, Kathleen Kacey Davis.

Top photo of Kacey Davis originally published on her campaign’s Facebook page.

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