Bruce Schmiedlin for Broadlawns Hospital Trustee

You’ve likely read about some of the Broadlawns candidates, so please allow me to introduce myself.

I’m a trilingual CPA who has worked in a dozen countries and lived in Brazil. I experienced what it is to be a minority in a different country, with or without a language barrier. My languages and multi-cultural experiences enhance reaching out to help Polk County residents achieve better health outcomes and lower the long-term cost of care.

I often see health disparities while serving clients in my private CPA practice. I’ve helped some clients qualify for Obamacare or expanded Medicaid programs to improve access to care and reduce their out-of-pocket costs for that care.

My work with marginalized groups includes five years on the board of directors at Disability Rights Iowa, a federally funded agency. I championed for change by identifying additional marginalized groups and establishing and prioritizing programs to serve them.

Last year I witnessed a marginalized individual unable to get Broadlawns to follow its own Patient Rights statements. Though this prompted me to run, I bring a balanced perspective to serve patients and taxpayers alike. Patient Rights are key to improving the patient care experience. This, in turn, leads to better health outcomes, attracts those with traditional health insurance, improves the financial health of Broadlawns, and reduces the property tax burden.

Among other things, I envision Broadlawns offering Obamacare Navigator services to reduce the level of uninsured residents and establish new relationships with insured individuals. This is especially important for self-employed individuals or those working at small companies that do not offer insurance. Broadlawns benefits through improved reimbursement rates, taking pressure off the tax levy.

As for fiscal responsibility, I am experienced with multi-million dollar budgets and managed the global budgeting process for a $1+ billion publicly traded company. I currently serve as the chief financial officer of a private Des Moines-based company.

I believe my combination of language, social, fiscal, and advocacy experiences yields a uniquely rounded board candidate.  I may be reached at or @Bruce4Broadlawns on Facebook.

I look forward to the honor of your vote.


Bruce Schmiedlin

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Top photo of Bruce Schmiedlin provided by the author and published with permission.

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