We need Melissa Vine in Congress

Dr. Frantz Whitfield, a native of Des Moines, began his lay ministry experience at Corinthian Baptist Church, which began his journey towards a plethora of preaching opportunities across the capital city, both while residing in Des Moines and even after becoming an ordained pastor serving in Waterloo.

As a preacher, I know considering others is a fundamental aspect of community. Melissa Vine embodies this principle, caring about your dreams and the opportunities available to you.

Undoubtedly, achieving greatness is a challenging endeavor, but commanding greatness is an even more formidable task. The political climate in Iowa has been disheartening, necessitating a candidate capable of tackling difficult issues to guide our great state toward a brighter future. It is with great pride that I endorse my friend, Melissa Vine, to represent the third Congressional district.

Melissa’s hands-on and approachable candidacy reflects her authentic passion for people. The assurance that she will advocate for Iowans in Washington reinforces my belief that we are on the path to reclaiming our dignity and decency.

Consistently, Melissa has demonstrated a profound understanding of the issues disproportionately affecting our community: economic inequality, access to quality education, and health care disparities. In a time of national division, Melissa actively strives to build bridges and create a space where every voice is heard and respected. This inclusive approach is vital for addressing the needs of our community through legislation and advocacy.

With Melissa, I see hope for a brighter future in Iowa. We can achieve victory by electing Melissa Vine in the primary and, subsequently, in the general election against U.S. Representative Zach Nunn.

I am Dr. Frantz Whitfield, and I wholeheartedly endorse Melissa Vine for Congress in Iowa’s third Congressional district.

Time to organize!

Editor’s note: Bleeding Heartland does not plan to endorse in any 2024 Iowa Democratic primaries, but welcomes guest posts by candidates for state or federal offices, or by their supporters. Please read these guidelines and contact Laura Belin if you are interested in writing.

Iowa’s third Congressional district covers the 21 counties that are red on this map.

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