Health care leaders: We win with Melissa Vine!

Emily Webb, Kacey Davis, Kavi Chawla, and Shaimaa Aly, who are elected health care leaders in Polk County, co-signed this post.

As health care leaders within our community, we are endorsing Melissa Vine for U.S. Congress in Iowa’s third district. Melissa’s platform directly addresses critical issues affecting all Iowans, and time is of the essence in supporting her.

Melissa is committed to ensuring a livable income for all Iowans, and reforming systems that harm Iowa families. These changes are urgently needed to address the challenges faced by our most vulnerable populations.

Her experience working with mental illness, homelessness, substance use disorder, and generational poverty uniquely qualifies her to represent all Iowans effectively. Melissa’s proven ability to reform systems responsibly and her dedication to fairness make her the ideal candidate to champion health care accessibility and affordability.

We need Melissa in Congress to fight for necessary reforms in our health care system. Time is running out, and Melissa Vine is the leader we need to make impactful changes for the betterment of all Iowans!


Emily Webb
Kacey Davis
Kavi Chawla
Shaimaa Aly

Editor’s note: Bleeding Heartland does not plan to endorse in any 2024 Iowa Democratic primaries, but welcomes guest posts by candidates for state or federal offices, or by their supporters. Please read these guidelines and contact Laura Belin if you are interested in writing.

Iowa’s third Congressional district covers the 21 counties that are red on this map.

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