Latest Iowa absentee ballot numbers (as of October 28)

As of yesterday, the number of registered Republicans who had returned absentee ballots to county auditors (138,362) exceeds the total early Republican vote in the 2010 Iowa general election (136,243). Ballots returned by registered Democrats and no-party voters are likely to exceed 2010 early voting levels today or tomorrow.

Statewide, Democrats have returned about 5,000 more absentee ballots to county auditors than Republicans have, but they also have a lower return rate. Roughly 56,000 Democrats have requested but not yet returned absentee ballots, compared to about 38,000 ballots outstanding for Republicans and 38,000 outstanding for no-party voters. Every 11,000 to 12,000 ballots left on the table represents roughly 1 percent of the expected total vote in the 2014 general election.

For Iowans who have not yet returned their absentee ballots, the safest options are to hand-deliver the completed ballot to the county auditor’s office, or to take it to the post office and demand a postmark for the envelope. Late-arriving mailed ballots with no postmark will not be counted.

Iowans cannot turn in completed absentee ballots at their regular polling place on election day. However, they may go to their precinct polling place next Tuesday, surrender their unreturned absentee ballot to poll workers, and receive a new ballot to fill out like other election-day voters.

I’ve enclosed below the latest data on absentee ballots requested and returned statewide and in each of Iowa’s four Congressional districts. All figures come from the Iowa Secretary of State’s Office. Click here for previous tables going back to September 22.

Absentee ballots requested by Iowa voters as of October 28, 2014

Congressional district Democrats Republicans no-party voters Libertarian Iowa Green total
IA-01 52,995 40,606 30,107 146 65 123,919
IA-02 56,872 40,474 29,106 151 88 126,691
IA-03 52,017 46,230 23,224 149 60 121,680
IA-04 37,682 49,584 22,279 97 38 109,680
statewide 199,566 176,894 104,716 543 251 481,970

Absentee ballots received by Iowa county auditors as of October 28, 2014

Congressional district Democrats Republicans no-party voters Libertarian Iowa Green total
IA-01 39,119 32,183 19,739 94 36 91,171
IA-02 41,275 32,656 18,601 87 61 92,680
IA-03 34,874 34,411 13,514 79 35 82,913
IA-04 28,239 39,112 14,769 61 23 82,204
statewide 143,507 138,362 66,623 321 155 348,968

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  • Today

    I took my aunt to vote today and she told me she voted a straight Democratic ticket in Davenport. I also posted a message on facebook offering help to anyone who needs it in getting to the polling places. I really hope we get this thing pulled out!!  

  • Voters

    My cousin told me she is sending her ballot in (I got on her about that) asap. Another aunt sent her ballot in already. One cousin wants to vote on election day. A friend is voting on the weekend this weekend at a satellite location. I am waiting to hear from others. I hope others are really trying to make sure everyone gets to the polls. All of the people I tagged are first time mid-term voters. And one isn’t registered yet and is a student at St. Ambrose, can she still register?  

    • tell your cousin

      She needs to get a postmark on that ballot if it hasn’t already gone in the mail, or she should hand-deliver it. I am really worried about the potential number of late-arriving absentees with no postmark.

      Iowa has same-day voter registration so yes, a student at St. Ambrose can register and vote. She will have to bring some photo ID and proof of address to do that. She can go to the Scott County auditor’s office Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Monday to vote, or she can vote on election day.  

  • my relatives

    Called everyone in the family and they all voted R.