Why Jim Webb Deserves The Support of Democratic Voters

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Jim Webb is focused on executive leadership and getting proven results. Candidates that simply use applause lines to get votes will not be able to get results when they find themselves in a jam with Congress. Webb deserves your consideration in the Democratic nominating process because he delivered on the Post 9-11 G.I. Bill, which was a piece of legislation that he wrote before he came to the U.S. Senate. The Post 9-11 G.I. Bill has allowed millions of veterans advance their education and reach their true occupational goals. Jim Webb got results as a pro-bono attorney advocating for veterans that needed to navigate the bureaucracy of the Veterans Administration.

Candidates also like to talk a big game when it comes to unions, but do they truly believe in union representation? Jim Webb has been a lifetime member of the Writers Guild of America. He understands the pain and the struggle that so many independent contractors and small business owners go through. Small firms run the economy, if you see Jim Webb criticizing Dodd-Frank, it will be due to his concern about the capital requirements that are placed on lenders that lend significant amounts to small businesses.

Webb doesn’t like to talk about his military service much, but at a time when we celebrate the CEO of a Fortune 500 company more than the person who actually executes the business plan, Jim Webb knows what it is like to lead people. He led people through the jungles of Vietnam, earning two Purple Hearts, two Bronze Stars and several other awards.

One of Jim Webb’s key principles: Don’t forget the people that helped you get there, don’t forget the workers that helped build that Fortune 500 firm.  This is an important principle to remember when wages have remained stagnant.

It shouldn’t matter where you live. A shot at the American dream is something that EVERY citizen deserves. Webb wants to make sure that the kid who just got out of prison has a chance to rebuild their life, not constantly facing the stigma of a non-violent felony every time they go to fill out a job application. Jim Webb has led on the issue of criminal justice reform. Leaders in his own party did not want to bring his bill up for a vote due to the political consequences.

Jim Webb is also tired of watching farmers, truck drivers, and construction crews get hammered when it is tax time while Wall Street gets bailed out with taxpayer funded bonuses. This is why Webb and Barbara Boxer wrote the Taxpayer Fairness Act. This legislation would have led to a one-time windfall profits tax on those bonuses that were awarded to bailed-out financial firms.

Webb has written a book on East Asia.:Micronesia and United States Pacific Strategy: Blueprint for the 1980s. He has done consulting work, bringing companies and financial progress to Vietnam. He understands the countries involved in the Trans-Pacific Partnership better than any other candidate running for President. He is highly skeptical of corporate interests that will not let us see any real draft of the agreement. You would see true leadership on any agreement that would open trading opportunities in a Webb Administration. When you support Jim Webb at your caucus site, you will be supporting leadership you can trust.

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