Absentee ballot requests in Iowa exceed total early vote in 2000

Thirty-four days before the general election, the number of Iowans who had requested absentee ballots (292,694) already exceeds the number of Iowans who cast early votes in the 2000 general election (276,836). At this point, Democrats have requested about twice as many absentee ballots as have Republicans and have returned more than three times as many ballots to county auditors.

Looking at the daily numbers I’ve archived here, you can see that as promised, Republicans have made up ground on early GOTV since the Secretary of State’s Office started releasing absentee ballot totals on September 17.

After the jump I’ve posted the latest tables showing absentee ballots requested by voters and returned to county auditors statewide and in each of the four Congressional districts.  

The data in this table come from the statewide statistical reports, which you can download as pdf files on this page of the Iowa Secretary of State’s website.

Election year total Democratic vote Democrats voting early total Republican vote Republicans voting early total no-party vote no-party voting early
2000 411,920 107,505 456,664 109,827 437,947 59,504
2004 492,050 193,766 510,214 141,196 495,477 125,097
2008 568,377 250,104 491,342 156,986 467,762 138,328
2010 395,312 155,421 447,445 136,243 281,546 68,499

Absentee ballots requested by Iowa voters as of October 3, 2012

Congressional district Democrats Republicans no-party voters
IA-01 43,441 16,805 19,137
IA-02 43,977 17,517 17,270
IA-03 40,205 20,888 14,156
IA-04 27,969 19,144 11,944
statewide 155,592 74,354 62,507

Absentee ballots received by Iowa county auditors as of October 3, 2012

Congressional district Democrats Republicans no-party voters
IA-01 17,475 4,028 5,526
IA-02 17,725 4,359 4,635
IA-03 12,685 4,236 3,022
IA-04 11,807 5,017 3,552
statewide 59,962 17,640 16,735
  • Partisan margin

    starting to narrow, as the first Republican mailing hit early this week. Democrats have had at least two mailings already. This also helps explain Democrats higher return rate; those requests came in earlier so the ballots went out sooner. Also, Democrats are more inclined to vote early in person than Republicans

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