Why I encourage Iowans to caucus for Bernie Sanders

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My name is Aaron Camp. I'm not an Iowan, in fact, I'm a lifelong resident of Vermilion County, Illinois who has never been to Iowa. I'm a staunch supporter of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, although I am not officially affiliated with the Sanders campaign in any way. With the first-in-the-nation Iowa caucuses just days away, I'll take this opportunity to encourage Iowans to participate in the Democratic caucus and caucus for Bernie Sanders.

When it comes to progressive political figures, Bernie is the real deal. As the mayor of Vermont's largest city, as a U.S. Representative, and as a U.S. Senator, Bernie has fought for common sense every step of the way. Bernie supported LGBT rights decades before it was cool to do so. Bernie voted against the Persian Gulf War and the unjustified Iraq War. Bernie voted against many free trade agreements that ultimately led to the destruction of American manufacturing. Bernie has used legislative amendments to enact progressive ideas, such as banning the importation of goods made with child labor and making newer federal government buildings more environmentally-friendly.

If elected president, Bernie will be a truly progressive president. When it comes to saving our planet from the wrath of man-made climate change, Bernie supports going above and beyond what the Paris climate agreement calls for and enact stronger protections for America's environment. When it comes to international trade, Bernie will veto any free trade deal that would put American workers out of work, if given the opportunity. When it comes to money in politics, Bernie will, if given the opportunity, appoint U.S. Supreme Court justices who, if given the opportunity, will overturn the Citizens United decision and end the culture of big-money politics in America. When it comes to foreign policy, Bernie strongly believes in diplomacy, and Bernie also believes that war should be a last resort. When it comes to food safety, Bernie strongly supports requiring foods containing genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) to be labeled as containing GMOs. When it comes to health care, Bernie will fight for Medicare for All, which would save Americans more money in terms of health care costs than any tax increases that are necessary to pay for Medicare for All. When it comes to paid leave, Bernie believes that paid leave should be an earned benefit, like Social Security and Medicare are. When it comes to law enforcement and criminal justice, Bernie believes that black lives matter, that law enforcement shouldn't look like an occupying paramilitary, and that the criminal justice system should be reformed in order to hold law enforcement officers who break the law accountable. When it comes to reigning in greed on Wall Street, Bernie believes in breaking up banks that are considered "too big to fail", reinstating the Glass-Steagall regulations that once kept commercial banking and investment banking separate, and prosecuting bankers who break the law. When it comes to gun safety, Bernie will keep President Obama's executive actions on gun safety in place, and he'll fight for more common-sense gun safety measures, such as assault weapons bans. When it comes to higher education, Bernie strongly supports making public higher education truly affordable by taxing Wall Street speculation, and using the revenue generated to fund higher education. When it comes to political appointments, Bernie will appoint people who are not beholden to big-money special interests like Wall Street and the fossil fuel industry.

For the electability argument, opinion poll after opinion poll has shown that Bernie is the strongest Democratic candidate in hypothetical general election matchups against Republicans like Donald Trump.

In short, Bernie is a fighter. If elected president, he'll fight to make America a better place to live. I strongly encourage Iowans to participate in the Democratic caucus and caucus for Bernie.

  • Nice commentary

    Thanks, Aaron.

    • Respect

      I appreciate you taking time to write this post. I have to disagree with the idea that Iowans should vote for Senator Sanders. I am Latino, and I have several major problems with his past. Namely, I have never like nor have I been a fan of Lou Dobbs. He is a racist. I read a piece in the DMR today about how Sanders went on air with him and agreed that immigrants take American's jobs. This is not the case. Not only is this not the case, but he has concerning votes against immigration reform, gun control, and he voted to support the racist militia known as the Minute Men. These are things that cannot be easily overlooked. I think this has a lot to do with why he is so weak with non-white voters. This along with his vote for the Bill Clinton crime bills of the 1990s. I think the piece made an excellent case for Martin O'Malley. And even though I am caucusing for Mrs. Clinton, I think O'Malley would be a better choice than Sanders for those that are undecided but may be concerned after reading that piece.

  • I love Bernie

    especially where he stands on environmental issues. If I thought he could win 270 electoral votes, I would be in his corner on caucus night.

    • Who will he lose to?

      If he can't beat a blow hard billionaire who declares bankruptcy every now and again after explicitly campaigning against billionaires, I'd be very surprised. And Cruz is so radioactive even among Republicans that they might prefer to try to isolate Sanders the way they tried to isolate Obama.

      So give Bernie a chance!

    • Aim high

      Here's Corey Robin on taking some risk:

      "I look at the various fits and starts of the last 15 years—from Seattle to the Nader campaign to the Iraq war protests to the Dean campaign to the Obama campaign to Occupy to the various student debt campaigns to Black Lives Matter—as part of a continuum, where men and women, young and old, slowly re-learn the art of politics. Whose first rule is: if you want x, shoot for 1000x, and whose second rule is: it’s not whether you fail (you probably will), but how you fail, whether you and your comrades are still there afterward to pick up the pieces and learn from your mistakes.

  • Agree!

    I've waited for years for a change to vote for Bernie, since he first started showing up on Lefty Libbie talk shows on Sirius. If he's president, while I don't wish anyone ill, I hope he outlives at least four Supreme Court justices.

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