New thread on Congressional races

This thread is for any comments about Congressional races you are following, whether in Iowa or in other states. Steve King and Christie Vilsack held their seventh (!) debate tonight, but I was unable to listen, because Windsor Heights holds trick-or-treating the night before Halloween.

Democrats are starting to talk about a net gain of U.S. Senate seats, but I am not that optimistic. While some races are trending toward the Democratic candidates, others where Democrats led last month are tightening (Virginia, Wisconsin).

To me, the most amazing development in a Congressional race is President Bill Clinton campaigning for Heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota and recording a television commercial for her. Bleeding Heartland readers who are old enough to remember 1990s politics, could you ever have believed that Bill Clinton would be considered an asset to a Democratic candidate in North Dakota a week before the election?  

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    I know that this may be upsetting to a lot of people on this blog, but I think Tommy Thompson would be willing to work with Dems on a number of issues. Thompson doesn’t mind working with people, he just gets cranky when people question his authority.    

    I’m a little worried that Obama doesn’t have the kind of coat tails that I had hope for in Nevada.  Danny Tarkanian, a man who could be under federal investigation one day may get elected to Congress while Obama wins the state.

    Those Illinois House seats are not as likely to go to Dems as once thought as well.  That 10th district (Mark Kirk, Bob Dold is fool’s gold EVERY year)  

    Bob Kerrey is getting hammered in Nebraska over his attack ads on Deb Fischer, I think he really could have benefited from highlighting the fact that he has owned companies in Nebraska from his years “away” from the state that people are so skeptical about.  

    • Jon Ralston seems to think

      that if Obama carries Nevada by 5 or more points he could drag Berkley over the line. Don’t know about Tarkanian’s race, though. I don’t think Obama is going to have big coat tails anywhere.

      The political landscape has changed so much since Bob Kerrey represented Nebraska. It’s hard for me to believe he could have won that race this year under any circumstances.

      Tommy Thompson isn’t the worst Republican, but I think Tammy Baldwin would be a way-above-average Senate Democrat, so I would be very disappointed to see her lose.

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