An open letter of thanks from Tracy Freese

Tracy Freese is the Democratic candidate in today’s election in Iowa Senate district 25, where Majority Leader Bill Dix resigned last month. -promoted by desmoinesdem

As I sit typing this on the morning of a special election where almost nothing is certain, there is one thing I know for sure: I will never be able to wholly express with words how deeply affected I am by the support I’ve received from loved ones, friends, and complete strangers.

I was thrust into an unexpected special election with very little understanding of the process, yet three and a half weeks later, my outlook is centered and positive. Through multiple snow storms, a major holiday, and downright mental and physical exhaustion, my supporters and I persevered. Today, we reach the finish line knowing we’ve done everything possible to win.

To my loved ones, thank you for literally holding me down and tickling me until I laughed so hard I cried. You knew when the stress had reached a fever pitch regardless of my attempts to hide it.

To my friends and fellow activists, thank you for creating a safe space where I could vent, grow, and thrive. When the call went out, you were there.

To the supporters I’ve never met, your mobilization of money, time, and resources have left me nothing short of speechless. I am forever in your debt.

Tonight, the results will come in, and win, lose, or draw – I know I will be forever changed. I make the promise right here and now to pay this incredible kindness forward every chance I get. When there is a door to be knocked, a donation to be made, a speech to be given, or a postcard to be written – I will do it.

Looking forward,

Top image: Tracy Freese at last month’s district nominating convention. Other pictures from the trail:

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  • No, thank you

    Really. Senate 25 is a district that looks unwinnable (on paper at least). And it’s depressing to see how often people have no choice at the ballot box because no one wants to run an unwinnable race. You gave a lot of people a choice, and while you may have lost the special election, it was certainly much closer than if we only look at the numbers. You made a good effort in the special electio. Hopefully, you’ve learned some things that you can use in the November election and hopefully, people around the state notice and kick in something for your campaign