IA-Sen: Patty Judge highlights support from women in first batch of endorsements

Claiming to have "a broad, statewide network that can work together to defeat Chuck Grassley," former Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge today released a list of nearly 60 prominent Iowa Democrats supporting her candidacy for U.S. Senate. I enclose below the full campaign statement, which highlighted endorsements from:

• "every living Democratic woman to hold a statewide office in Iowa," namely former Attorney General Bonnie Campbell, former Secretary of State Elaine Baxter, and former Lieutenant Governors Sally Pederson and Jo Ann Zimmerman. Gender will be a factor for many Iowa Democrats weighing their choices in the four-way IA-Sen primary.

• "activists and community leaders," such as LGBTQ advocates Nate Monson, Cecilia Martinez, and Bobbi Fogle; Jill June, the longtime leader of Iowa's largest Planned Parenthood chapter; Joe Henry, national vice president of the League of United Latin American Citizens; and former Secretary of State nominee Brad Anderson.

• "current and former elected officials," including former U.S. Representative Leonard Boswell, Polk County Auditor Jamie Fitzgerald, former Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba, and former Cedar Rapids Mayor Kay Halloran.

• former Iowa Democratic Party chairs Rob Tully and Michael Kiernan (and Bonnie Campbell), along with current and former county party chairs.

Also worth noting:

• While Judge's list is heavy on Iowans who backed Hillary Clinton for president, it includes some well-known Bernie Sanders endorsers like Gluba and Henry.

• Judge has not peeled away any of the 61 Democratic state lawmakers (including 25 women) who endorsed State Senator Rob Hogg for IA-Sen earlier this year, before the former lieutenant governor and Iowa secretary of agriculture was known to be considering this race.

Any comments about the Senate campaign are welcome in this thread. With all respect to Judge and the women and men named below, someone who aligned herself with the Iowa Farm Bureau against efforts to clean up waterways will never get my vote in a Democratic primary.

P.S.- I got a kick out of seeing both Joe Henry and Des Moines activist Sean Bagniewski on Judge's supporter list. Less than two weeks ago, they were key players on opposite sides in the epic drama also known as the Polk County Democratic Convention.

March 23 press release:

Patty Judge announces widespread endorsements in U.S. Senate Race

DES MOINES, Iowa – Patty Judge has released a list of public endorsements in her bid for U.S. Senate.

“I’m honored to have the support of a wide range of leaders across Iowa,” said Patty Judge. “This is the kind of broad, statewide network that can work together to defeat Chuck Grassley and send a clear message that Iowans are tired of his obstruction in Washington.”

Judge’s list of endorsements includes activists and community leaders from across Iowa. Among Judge’s supporters are current and former Democratic county chairs, former Iowa Democratic Party chairs, and current and former elected officials. Judge also received the backing of every living Democratic woman to hold a statewide office in Iowa. In addition to these endorsements, Judge’s campaign has received contributions from over 3,000 individuals and had over 4,500 Iowans sign her nominating petition in just two weeks.

“I’m excited to grow this campaign in the weeks and months ahead. We’re going to keep the pressure on Chuck Grassley and keep our momentum going,” added Judge.

Billey Alley
Wayne County Democrats Chair

Joan Amos
Lucas County Democrats Chair

Brad Anderson
2012 Obama State Director, 2014 Democratic Secretary of State Nominee

Sean Bagniewski
President of Beaverdale Democrats

Elaine Baxter
Former Iowa Secretary of State

Stacie Bendixen
Democratic Activist

Rob Bingham
Story County Central Committee Member

Francis Boggus
Democratic Activist

Leonard Boswell
Former Iowa Congressman

Tim Bottaro
Democratic Activist, Former Democratic State Central Committee Member

Patrick Brau
Mount Pleasant City Attorney

Lauren M.G. Burt

Bonnie Campbell
Former Iowa Attorney General

Pierce Carey
Political Chair, Simpson College Democrats

Cindy Chen
Democratic Activist

Tom Clause
Democratic Activist

Cindy Dilliner
Marion County Democrats Secretary

Fran Fleck
Democratic Activist

Bobbi Fogle
LGBTQ Advocate

Jamie Fitzgerald
Polk County Auditor

Alphie Fulton
Former Decatur County Democrats Chair

Debbie Gitchell
Democratic Activist

Bill Gluba
Former Davenport Mayor

Mitch Gross
Coralville City Council Member & Mayor Pro Tem

Melanie Cloud Gross
Former Iowa Democratic Party Caucus and Convention Director

Kay Halloran
Former Cedar Rapids Mayor

Paulette Hammer
Winnebago County Democrats Chair

Jesse Harris
Democratic Activist

Bill Heffron
Community Activist

Justine Heffron
Appanoose County Central Committee Member

Joe Henry
LULAC National Vice President, Midwest Region

Bill Higdon
Former President of Graceland University

Joe Judge
Monroe County Democrats Chair

Jill June
Former Planned Parenthood of the Heartland Executive Director

Michael Kiernan
Former Iowa Democratic Party Chair, Former Des Moines City Council Member

Richard & Linda Larkin
Lee County Democrats Chair

Richard Mahacek
Democratic Activist

Anita Martin
Former Marion County Democrats Chair

Cecilia Martinez

Nate Monson
LGBTQ Leader

Eric Nemmers
Democratic Activist

Twyla Peacock
Van Buren County Democrats Chair

Sally Pederson
Former Iowa Lt. Governor

Cindy Pollard and Gayla Snook
Democratic Activists

Jordan Pope
Decatur County Democrats Chair

Cheryl Scherr
Marion County Democrats Vice Chair

Robert Shields
Buchanan County Democrats Chair

Dennis Tibben
Democratic Activist

Rob Tully
Former Iowa Democratic Party Chair

Matt Unger
Democratic Activist

Jessica Vanden Berg
Democratic Staffer

Martha Viner
Monroe County Central Committee Member

Riley Waters
Monroe County Democrats Vice Chair

Steve Waterman
Clarke County Democrats Chair

Kathy Winter
Osceola County Democrats Chair

Jason Winter
Osceola County Democrats Affirmative Action Chair

Jo Ann Zimmerman
Former Iowa Lieutenant Governor

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