Eddie Mauro makes seven Democrats running for Congress in IA-03

Eddie Mauro made it official today: he is a candidate for Congress in Iowa’s third district. I enclose below his announcement e-mail and biographical information from his campaign website. You can follow him on Facebook or Twitter. He discussed his background and political philosophy further in a 2016 interview with Bleeding Heartland, when he was running for an Iowa House seat.

Mauro’s determination to join the Congressional race has been clear for months. Since forming an exploratory committee in July, he has met with or spoken to numerous neighborhood and constituency groups. He loaned his campaign $100,000 shortly before the end of the third quarter and raised $82,251.00 from several dozen other contributors.

In fact, as of September 30, Mauro was second only to Theresa Greenfield in money available to spend on the Democratic primary in IA-03. Mauro’s $161,899.06 cash on hand was some $14,000 higher than Greenfield’s, but seven of his donors maxed out with $2,700 contributions for both the primary and general elections. For that reason, $18,900 of his campaign funds can’t be spent until after the June 2018 primary.

Both parties are sure to target this district, where a recent survey by Public Policy Polling showed two-term Representative David Young at 37 percent job approval/47 percent disapproval. In the same poll, Young led an unnamed “Democratic opponent” by a statistically insignificant 44 percent to 43 percent.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has said its internal polling shows Republicans have only a 1-point generic ballot advantage in IA-03. DCCC numbers show President Donald Trump is at 43 percent approve/53 percent disapprove in this district, while only 24 percent of IA-03 respondents have a favorable opinion of House Speaker Paul Ryan (65 percent view him unfavorably).

The sixteen counties in IA-03 contain 161,978 active registered Democrats, 174,102 Republicans, and 169,075 no-party voters, according to the latest figures from the Iowa Secretary of State’s office. About two-thirds of the Democrats and more than half of all registered voters in the district live in Polk County, containing Des Moines and most of its suburbs. Mauro has lived on the south side of Des Moines for decades. That area is a traditional Democratic stronghold where primary turnout can be high.

I don’t expect any other candidates join the field in IA-03. (State Senator Matt McCoy appears more likely to run for re-election to the Iowa Senate or for Polk County supervisor next year.) In alphabetical order, the others seeking the Democratic nomination here are:

Cindy Axne (website, Facebook, Twitter)

Pete D’Alessandro (website, Facebook, Twitter)

Austin Frerick (website, Facebook, Twitter)

Theresa Greenfield (website, Facebook, Twitter)

Paul Knupp (website, Facebook, Twitter)

Heather Ryan (website, Facebook, Twitter)

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November 15 e-mail blast from Eddie Mauro:

It’s official: I’m running to represent Iowa’s 3rd district in Congress, because it’s time we had a representative that fights for everyone in the 3rd district.

As a teacher, a coach, a small business owner, a husband, and a father, my philosophy has always been to try to get better each and every day. That means always striving to be the best version of myself. And that’s what Iowa needs—leadership that will move all of Iowa forward, day in and day out.

I’ve spent the last few months traveling around Iowa’s 3rd district, talking with and listening to voters about what they want from their leaders. Throughout all my conversations, one thing kept coming up: people know they are being left out by politicians paying attention to special interests, power, and money. They are in search of a representative who will put them first!

Unless something changes, Iowans will continue to be forgotten, ignored, and left behind. That’s not the Iowa way, and it’s not my way.

That’s why I’m running to represent Iowa’s 3rd district. I want to bring a new kind of leadership that gives all Iowans a fighting chance; an Iowa that strives to be the best version of itself—for every Iowan—every single day. That means putting people ahead of power and politics.

If you believe that ALL of Iowa deserves more, sign on to support my campaign.

Iowans consistently give their all—to their jobs, to their families, to their churches, and to their communities. It’s time we had leadership that gives that much back. I’ve had enough of the excuses—it’s time to get things done for Iowans.

I think it’s time for a Representative who strives to make Iowa better for everyone—not just the rich and powerful. But I need your help if we’re going to win this race. Please join Team Mauro today and support my campaign.



P.S. — I know it’s a lot to ask, but an early contribution from you will show that Iowans are looking for a new kind of leader and that good old-fashioned hard work and kindness can work in politics.

From the “Meet Mauro” page of the campaign website:

EDDIE J. MAURO is a Des Moines native, born and raised in the 3rd Congressional District. Outside of a few years spent teaching in rural Iowa, he is proud to have grown, worked, played and raised a family alongside the very same people that his is poised to represent.

In both his professional and personal life, Eddie works hard to put people in positions that help them succeed. He believes that unrealized opportunities are standing in the way of moving Iowa from good to great. He is committed to the empowerment of citizens in the district to be more invested and vocal in the local government, and be positive agents for change.

The product of a strong Iowa education, Eddie is a graduate of Dowling High School. In addition to course work completed at DMACC and Iowa State University, he earned his Bachelor of Science from Simpson College and holds a Theology Certificate from Creighton University.
Following in his father’s footsteps, Eddie dedicated much of his early career to helping Iowa youth reach their full potential as a coach and teacher in both public and private schools.

It was during these years that he cemented his belief in the power of education, dedicating several years as a teacher at Seymour Community Schools in Seymour, Iowa, and Saint Anthony School of Des Moines. During his tenure at Saint Anthony, he received the Iowa Governor’s Volunteer Award, the Salvation Army Volunteer of the Year Award, President’s Youth Services Award and was nominated as Reader’s Digest Teacher of the Year.

Eddie was also an integral member of the Dowling High School athletic program for more than 10 years, serving as head coach for the baseball team and assistant coach for the football team. In addition, he put his talent to work for the Cincinnati Reds as a recommending scout, and the Iowa Cubs Organization as a volunteer assisting with player development. Eddie currently serves as the head coach for the Lincoln High School baseball team.

Eddie has continued his support of Iowa and small business as the founder and President/COO of UIG, an innovative wholesale insurance firm serving insurance agencies in Iowa and across the U.S.

His commitment to helping others reach their full potential has never waivered. Eddie currently serves on the board of directors for the South Suburban YMCA of Greater Des Moines. He is also a member of the Immigration Committee for the Iowa Catholic Conference, as well as the Legislative Committee for the Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa. Eddie volunteers for several impactful local organizations, including, YMCA Board of Managers, Knights of Columbus and AMOS. He is also a dedicated youth sports coach.

He and his wife Sharilyn have shared 26 years together and have two children, Dominic and Mia.

Eddie’s valuable experience in education, business, coaching and volunteering has helped him understand the challenges facing families, business owners and outreach organizations. He’s ready to step up and be a voice for positive change in the halls of Congress.

November 15 press release from Mauro’s campaign:

Democrat Eddie Mauro Formally Announces Candidacy for Iowa’s Third Congressional District

Fundraising advantage and enthusiasm for “Getting it done for Iowa” message propels Mauro into the lead for Democratic nomination.

DES MOINES — Following an exploratory period that resulted in a commanding quarterly fundraising performance, Eddie Mauro is officially announcing his candidacy for the United States Congress, representing Iowa’s third (3rd) district.

Over the past five months, Mauro has traveled nearly 1,000 miles across Iowa’s third district meeting with Iowa families to listen and learn what they need from Washington and Iowa’s legislature. The enthusiasm for Mauro’s candidacy and inclusive “All of Iowa” message has motivated him to move forward with his candidacy to unseat Republican David Young and truly represent all Iowans of the third district.

“Iowans give their all everyday to their jobs, their families, their churches, and their communities. What they expect of their elected leaders is to put their politics aside and get things done for the people of the district. We have politicians that say anything to get elected and, when given the chance to govern, do nothing – literally nothing,” explains Mauro. “Like other small business owners and concerned parents, I’m fed up with ‘party over the American people’ loyalists like David Young, who don’t give us, the folks back home, a second thought. Enough of the excuses – it’s time to get it done for Iowa, and I know how to do it.”

“As a husband, a parent and a small business person, I know what’s needed right now – good jobs that pay a good wage, healthcare that covers everybody, education that prepares our kids to work, and an economy that’s ready for what’s next,” explains Mauro. “I’ve taken on government to win protections for mental health in our community. I’ve built a successful business that respects its employees. I’ve built teams that bring home championships. I play it straight, stays true to my principles, and always give 100%”.

As Iowa’s next Congressman from the third district, Eddie Mauro’s priorities will include:

• Jobs that pay a fair wage for hard work. It’s that simple; if you work hard, you deserve to be paid fairly. Mauro believes that there is an attainable balance between labor and business interests, which will attract industries of all types (technology, energy, retail, service, agriculture and manufacturing) to Iowa.

• An education strategy that allows Iowans to compete for great jobs. As a former educator himself, Mauro understands that for Iowa to win the jobs of tomorrow we MUST put enough resources into education. While college is one path to a prosperous future, vocation and technical training are additional ways that kids and adults can gain the skills required to compete and win in our economy. Mauro will work to ensure every Iowan who wants to further themselves has the chance.

• Affordable and accessible healthcare for all. Taking away your health insurance protections may make David Young’s lobbyist friends happy, but it will devastate thousands of Iowan families. Eddie Mauro will work to block any attempt to dismantle Obamacare. Instead, he’ll work to make commonsense improvements to the law to continue to make healthcare more affordable for Iowa’s families.

Iowa 3 is currently ranked among the most competitive races in the country. Based on recent polling, David Young’s re-election chances have fallen below 50%, due in most part to his 98% pro-Trump voting record. According to recent articles, Eddie Mauro is best positioned financially to win the Democratic nomination and defeat Young in the fall. Visitwww.eddiemauro.com for more information about Mauro and his stand on key issues that impact Iowa and will ensure we get things done in Washington.


Eddie Mauro is a successful businessman and lifelong resident of Des Moines. A longtime community leader, Mauro is a founding member of the influential community organization AMOS and serves on the board/s of South Suburban YMCA, the Immigration Committee for the Iowa Catholic Conference, and the Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa. In addition to these leadership roles, Mauro coached Dowling High School to state championships in baseball in 1999 and 2001. He also coached football at North High School and baseball at Lincoln High School and DMACC. Mauro is married to Sharilyn, his wife of 27 years, and has two children in Des Moines.

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