Two modest proposals

Ira Lacher: “a dysfunctional party shuts out those who deviate from that agenda. We see this in the Republican Party’s utter purge of anyone who dares break with the ultra-right. And we also can begin to see it in the Democratic Party’s reluctance to accept those who oppose abortion.” -promoted by desmoinesdem

In her September 9 column, Des Moines Register editorial page editor Kathie Obradovich praised Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse for telling it like it is. “[I]nstead of pointing fingers across the aisle or at any other convenient scapegoat,” she writes, “Sasse puts the blame squarely where it belongs: On every so-called lawmaker who has abdicated the job of making laws in favor of the full-time occupation of getting re-elected.”

Getting re-elected is a full-time job, one that seemingly everyone elected to public offices relishes. They put on so much relish that it completely disguises the hot dog beneath: that they were elected to do the people’s work. And they spend their entire lives in search of ever-juicier relish.

But there’s a way to bring balance back. It’s simple and it’s obvious, and Americans — Democrats, Republicans and independents — are overwhelmingly in favor, according to at least one poll this year.

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Forgiveness. Can you imagine?

The coming Jewish high holidays inspired this reflection by Ira Lacher of Des Moines. -promoted by desmoinesdem

The Jewish people are about to enter into the annual Ten Days of Repentance — Aseret Yemei Teshuva in Hebrew — in which, by tradition, we take stock of our behavior of the last year. Jews don’t have daily confession; we let it build up over 365 days and then try to purge ourselves of shame, guilt and what many of us would call sin, as we pray to God for another year of well-being.

“For the sins of one against God, God forgives,” says an age-old prayer. “But for the sins of one against another, God does not forgive, unless they have made peace with one another.”

So, as my people make preparations for this season of confession, I would like to confess: I’ve made my peace with Germany.

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Words in contrast

Des Moines resident Ira Lacher noticed a striking contrast in two commentaries published this weekend. -promoted by desmoinesdem

Page 3 of the Sunday Des Moines Register opinion section told us everything we need to know about the people who are in the top positions in America.

On one hand, there was Rob Tibbetts’ heartfelt plea for decency in the wake of the murder of his daughter, Mollie.

Below it, was Donald Trump Jr.’s pathetic attempt to sustain hatred of brown people.

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Latest Des Moines Register casualty: prep football fans

Ira Lacher shares his perspective on an unpleasant surprise waiting for many Des Moines Register readers on Saturday, August 25. -promoted by desmoinesdem

I was assistant sports editor of the Des Moines Register for four and a half years in the mid-1980s. As my soon-to-be bosses, sports editor Mike Wegner and managing editor Arnie Garson, explained to me during my application interview, if there was one thing that distinguished the Register as “The Newspaper Iowans Depend Upon,” it was our unparalleled coverage of Iowa high school sports.

The second-most important night of the week, besides Saturday night, when we produced The Big Peach sports section, was Friday night during high school football season. We labored mightily to get the scores and stories in from all around Iowa, beginning first with the out-state editions, and ending with the Golden Circle and Des Moines metro results.

So, imagine my shock when I saw the blurb in last Saturday’s paper saying that if you wanted to read about high school football coverage in print, wait for Sunday’s paper!

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